Davis Rhodes – Guilty!

The closed court session broke this morning at approximately 1140am. The Prosecutor read a public statement as follows.

“Ex Council member Davis Rhodes has been found guilty of the following crimes:
Murder – 1 count
Conspiracy to commit murder – 7 counts
Attempted murder – 8 counts
Subverting the course of justice – 183 counts
Treason – 1 count
Escape from detention – 1 count
Corruption of an official position – 1 count

The Judges will confirm sentencing within 24 hours

We would take this opportunity to thank the members of the FEF that discovered Davis’ involvement in the Prison Break and then worked diligently to gather evidence and to recapture him when he escaped. You are a credit to us all”.

Those sitting in the case were not surprised at the verdicts, and commented that the case only took so long due to the vast amount of charges and evidence that had to be worked through. The evidence presented from Bunker and FEF shocked all present, and it is now thought that the Council will come under increasing scrutiny in everything they do.