A Grisly discovery

Council Ascendant has just released a statement to all Bunker Ascendant Media Outlets:

“During a routine FEF patrol approximately 2 weeks ago, a grisly discovery was made approximately 2km southeast of Bunker Ascendant. The body of ex Chief Scientist and Council Member Davis Rhodes was found. His head had been cut off. Written on his forehead in his own blood was the word ‘JUSTICE’. Due to his status as a surface-released criminal, no formal investigation will take place as no crime in the eyes of Bunker law has taken place. However, the Council condemns this act utterly if it was, as suspected, perpetrated by a Bunker Ascendant citizen.”

Outspoken Bunker Radio presenter Benny Hoffer was quick to offer a response; “Good riddance, the fucker REALLY had that coming… and don’t forget to catch up on any of my shows you may have missed here