Trial of Davis Rhodes underway, Shock statement by the Council Ascendant

Report by Kassie Shier – CAT3

The trial of Davis Rhodes finally commenced today behind closed doors and heavy security. Rhodes was recovered from the surface by FEF operatives in a daring night raid deep into Hive territory, where we believe Davis had thought himself untouchable.

Rumours still swirl regarding the circumstances of his escape, but so far the Military have not released any further statements.

However, a pre-recorded message was issued by the Council as the trial commenced. A dictation of the message, delivered by temporary Science Council Member Samuel Mechan, reads as follows:

“As the trial of Davis Rhodes gets underway, it is clear to the Council that a statement is required regarding the circumstances of the original prison break and what led to it be made clear. Most elements will be covered in painstaking detail by the prosecution and defence; however one item has been stricken from discussion in the trial and will instead by addressed by this statement.

Some of you will have heard rumours of an area called ‘The Chasms’ linked to the prison complex.

These rumours are based in truth. ‘The Chasms’, named so by the high security prisoners inhabiting them, are a series of mining tunnels that stretch out from, and below, Bunker Ascendant. Around 190 years ago, Compound 7 supplies being mined by our automated drill systems began to show signs of depletion. Over the next years the supply began to decline, starting by a % or 2 a year but quickly gathering pace.

At first the supply issue was remedied by efficiency savings found by our engineering and science departments, but the depletion rate quickly outstripped them also.

At this point ‘Dictate 23’ was released by AICE, the Bunker’s Artificial Intelligence. In simple terms it gave detailed instructions on how to convert the max security prison population into a mining workforce, that would expand out from the Bunker’s layout and chase out veins of Compound 7 supply to drill and tap.

Doing so required ‘amendments’ to the rights and living conditions of the prison population. After much debate, the Council at the time voted in favour of enacting these changes and half the prison population were converted into a workforce.

This was all kept from the population due to the panic and unrest it could have potentially caused. But despite the secrecy, the Council believed it the right choice and that these ‘lifers’ had a duty to contribute to the survival of the Bunker as does every other citizen.

Although many of you may disagree with the above actions, you will be reminded that Dictates unlocked by AICE cannot be ruled unlawful due to amendments made to the law pre-fall to ensure that the survival of our race in event of nuclear war was given priority.

This brings us to the here and now, and the issues that now face Bunker Ascendant and it’s inhabitants.

Whilst we have abundant supplies of purified water, our food reserves have been slowly depleting over the last few years. This has been temporarily addressed by our FEF operatives through trade with the surface dwellers known as the ‘Free Peoples’, trading our excess water for food.

The biggest issue we now face is that without the efforts of the prison population in the Compound 7 Mines, we have been rapidly burning through our Compound 7 reserves. We anticipate that without finding new supplies, Bunker Ascendant’s power systems will be virtually non-operable within 6 months.

Investigations into new power sources continue as our highest priority, and in the meantime Citizens are asked to conserve energy wherever possible.

Further statements will be forthcoming following the outcome of the Trial.”

A strong statement from the Council, placing even further strain on our FEF operatives in the field. Will they be able to rise to this challenge as they have those preceding?