The Technology of HAsc

With Humanity Ascendant we have set out to establish new and improved uses of technology to greatly improve the LARP experience.

The first is the use of a professional-grade outdoor Laser Tag system. We use equipment supplied by Laser War. The equipment is capable of firing over 250m in broad daylight, and is fully programmable to take account of the quality of the gun and the user. This means we can change the damage, rate of fire, clip size etc. individually for players dependant on their choice of weapon and their character’s skills.

The Second is the use of Walkie Talkies as an in-game resource. The GM of the mission will provide real time intelligence and orders to the players, giving them a real tactical advantage in most combat situations and promoting the feel of an elite military unit on the attack. Advanced character classes can use the radios to hack enemy outposts, request artillery strikes and more.

The 3rd is the use of Smart Phones and QR Codes. When scanning bodies, equipment or other occurences, the QR code present will link to a unique web page that will give a detailed description of what the player finds, potentially trigger traps or other occurences and give optional actions for the player to undertake, such as collecting samples or performing and autopsy. All this is done autonomously to ensure that the GM rarely has to interrupt the flow of play. Smart phones can also be used to initiate calls and text to contacts and the like, all in real time.