#Op4 – Council Statement

Following is a message broadcast to all Bunker Ascendant citizens, including the 500.

#Op4 – A Message from Council Ascendant

Once again, the Bunker has risen to a challenge, and once again we have found our inner strength and delivered success.

Our FEF teams have led the charge to secure a previously unknown facility from a new threat, Bunker Fortitude. This was no easy feat; facing an enemy with similar technology and training to our own proved very taxing for our teams, but yet again they were able to resist the threat and push back against it, delivering a debilitating blow to the enemy.

The Council is considering it’s options regarding Fortitude, but for now their troops should be considered enemy combatants.

The facility’s function is as a C7 mining facility. It cannot be understated how important a find this is for our survival, with the facility able to provide more than 30% of our overall power needs.

With this in mind, the Council has begun training a section of it’s internal security forces for surface operations. Within a matter of months we expect to deploy this new force to the Facility to offer much needed respite to our FEF teams, who are currently securing the Facility for the good of all Bunker citizens.

The Council thanks the FEF for their brave, efficient and well recompensed actions across the Operation, and hopes that this success can help comfort those affected by the previous blunders of the FEF Engineering department, whom have since shown a marked improvement in their field capabilities.