New Council Dictate

In a time of many changes, the Council Ascendant have released another statement. It reads as follows:

“Following on from our disclosure regarding dictate 23, the council have discussed at length what to do now that the prisons are all but empty.

Although we would wish it not to be so, we know that people will continue to commit crimes against their fellow bunker inhabitants and the laws of our civilisation. Yet the Chasms are not, in our opinion, the correct answer either.

We have decided, with a vote 5 against 1, that Dictate 23 will be rewritten as Dictate 23a.

Dictate 23a will state that prisoners convicted of the most serious crimes – murder, treason, and similar crimes, will be placed on the surface with 2 weeks of food and water, to fend for themselves. They will be suitably tagged to ensure they cannot attempt to re-enter the bunker or our surface operations without detection by our drones and security forces. Should they attempt to re-establish contact, they will not be afforded protection as a UK Citizen.

For those that commit minor crimes, they will be offered the chance to serve out their time as a surface-based penal group supporting the FEF with their current skill sets. Those who refuse will also be ejected to the surface with 2 weeks of supplies.

We realise that some may think these actions ‘barbaric’ but we believe that this is both fair to the convicted and the least draining on dwindling bunker resources.

This dictate re-write will come into effect in one month’s time and affect all prisoners, current and future.

If any wish to contest or appeal these changes, please contact your council representative.”

A bold but fair stand by the council against our criminal element; this reporter can only hope that this helps reduce our crime rates as well as preserving bunker material resources and manpower.