Murder Investigation – Governor Michael Rells

Open Investigation – Murder

Name : Governor Michael Rells

Age : 57yrs old

Status : single, no children

Career history : Michael joined the Penal facilities as a guard at 18 after graduating from training. He spent 23 years as a guard before progressing to head of Labour Operations, and 8 years later made Governor at the age of 49.

Governor Rell’s time as a guard was very uneventful and he never actively sought promotion. He became head of Labour without application due to his experience, but soon settled into the role and produced excellent results. By the time he moved on to Governor, outputs were up by 21% and prisoner incidents down by 34%.

As a Governor, Michael oversaw prison operations with a firm but steady hand. His tenure is noted as 8 years without a single prisoner escalation incident, unheard of before his time.

Governor Rells was found dead in his quarters by Bunker Security personnel after failing to turn in for work. Cause of death was 3 9mm bullets from an Walther P38 handgun – one shot to the head and two 2 mid-chest, from very close range. Of note was the fact that the bullets were not nanite-formed, and identified as refurbished pre-war slugs.

CCTV records of the entirety of Hab-Quad 11, where the governor resided, were found to be corrupted for the 2 days leading up to and including the incident. Faults in the system are relatively common due to the age of equipment, but quadrant-wide faults are rare. A diagnostic has pointed to memory chip degradation for the fault; however, it is unknown as to why the fault was not detected by Bunker Security.

The Governor’s access card and PADD were taken. His PADD was hacked and used to delete all of his server-side logs – both work related and personal. Time of death is estimated at around 4.5 hours prior to the prison break commencing.

The case remains open. The Council has directed the FEF to take control of the investigation and pursue evidence, under the assumption that the Governor’s death relates to the Prison Break and one or more of the Prisoners are responsible for the Governor’s death. However, it is unknown how the Prisoners were able to ‘reach’ beyond the confines of the Prison and strike at the Governor in his home.