Hive threat level continues to rise as a mysterious sickness sweeps the Tribes

Outpost 13 has become a hub of Free Peoples activity as members of many tribes have begun to utilise it as a staging area for defending against the growing Hive threat.

The wounded have started to flood in and tribe doctors have set up treatment areas in the vicinity of the Outpost.

The Mournival are frequently present, organising their Tribesmen and distributing weapons and equipment. Of note, the Tribes seem to be in possession of a fair number of Firearms but traditional ammo supplies seem low. Bunker Security have ensured that all firearms have been checked and all seem to be of pre-End, non-nanite enhanced design.

In separate news but equally troubling, the Mournival have reported a sickness taking hold within some of their tribes. These seem to be mostly in the areas near to the Hive / clan borders, but cases are being reported from much deeper in Tribe territory. It’s unknown at this time whether this is linked with the increases in Hive activity at all, or is simply an unfortunate coincidence. Investigations continue, but the Mournival appear increasingly concerned about the effect on their ability to defend their lands and maintain their crops etc.

Whilst no formal request has been made, several FEF members this reporter spoke with believed it was only a matter of time before Raze asked for direct intervention from the Bunker.