Hive on the Doorstep?

A priority message from Council Ascendant was issued to all FEF members this morning on a secure channel, but soon leaked into the public domain.

The Council are calling for calm but concern and panic are spreading through the Bunker.

“FEF Volunteers, we request that you mobilise immediately to the preparation areas to offer support where need to our combat patrols. Situation update follows:

* The Hive have broken through the Tribes’ defences to the South. It is believed they are using the breach to push Husks deep into Tribe territory where they will be more likely to achieve mass infection of the populace.

* Last night a co-ordinated Hive strike very nearly resulted in the loss of Outpost 13. The dead and wounded number in the dozens, and security personnel are pushed to the limit.

* Our supply lines between the Bunker and Outposts 13 are now compromised, and will require constant protection. Only high priority supply runs are to be undertaken.”

It is also understood that the infection witnessed amongst the tribes some weeks ago is still present and spreading, and has now resulted in scores of fatal cases. Raze has formally requested Bunker assistance with the disease, as it is heavily impacting his ability to defend his people.

Unrest has been reported in the remaining Prison population, as it seems they will be turned out onto the surface in the coming weeks into a waiting and hungry Hive horde.

This is ASCII news, signing off.