Council Statement – The Surface Awaits

Citizens of Bunker Ascendant; it is time we, the new council, share the state of play with you all.

The damage to the facility is too complicated to repair, it has left us in need of more living space and in need of more food water and energy supplies. Fortuitously the FEF have already secured an ideal settlement site and with the help of the citizens already on the surface we will be looking to develop this site further.

Now is your chance to join the pioneers and reach the surface and stake a claim in the future.

We know that A.I.C.E.’s ultimate aim is to repopulate the surface and we will do this, together. Our allies, the free people, have already blended some of our people into their tribes and we have some of theirs assisting us with construction, farming and even policing duties. Now is the time to begin the consolidation and the healing, hard work now will pay off tomorrow.

While we are in the process of securing our future it would be ill advised to spend above our means and accordingly rationing will continue as we develop this new site. We are aiming to provide food and water for all on a sustainable basis.

Volunteer for surface work to build a better tomorrow.