Coroner’s Report: Erwin Diederich

Erwin Diederich
Clearance Level 4
Date of Death 07/06/2492
Date of Report 10/06/2492


Severe charring of the body, consistent with High voltage burns. Multiple individual and confluent areas of third degree burns are seen.

Microblisters have developed within the squamous epithelium and in the external horny layer, due to due to heating of the tissues. Lesions extend through subcutaneous tissues and involve muscles and bone.

The lungs are congested and edematous, and the brain, meninges and parenchymatous organs are congested. Petechial hemorrhages have been be found under the endocardium, pericardium, pleura, brain and the spinal cord. There has been necrosis of the intima.

Conclusions. Erwin Diederich suffered fatal injuries from a single high voltage incident.