Cllr Davis Rhodes formally charged

Cllr Davis Rhodes, the former Councillor for the Science Division of the Bunker, has been formally charged with multiple offences following evidence gathered over the last few months since the prison break of 8th November 2517.

The main charges are listed as:

Conspiracy to commit murder
Sabotage of a Military installation

The Proescutor’s office stated that further charges may be forthcoming, and formally thanked the members of the FEF for their dedication and bravery in bringing the prison break situation under control.

In homage to the FEF’s achievements, and in demonstration of Bunker Ascendant’s recent push onto the surface, the trial will take place on 13th-15th April 3308 in Outpost 13. The trial will be broadcast live to the Bunker network.

FEF members wishing to give formal evidence / statements to the trial are invited to contact the Prosecutor’s office at their earliest convenience.