Statement from AICE on behalf of Council Ascendant

“Alexis Belyakova has stood down from her position on the council and retired from active FEF duties.

We thank her for her service and research into rad-resistance in both our food stocks and citizens.

Nominations for a new Science Councillor will begin immediately and close at midnight on Sunday 22/09/2519.

The campaign and voting phase will last one week, with votes requiring to have been submitted by midnight on Sunday 29/09/2519 to count.”

OOC : please send nominations, votes and campaigning actions (as before, 1 downtime or 500 credits to influence voting) to

ASCII Report : Council takes positive strides

The newly elected Ascendant Council, now comprised fully of active FEF members, have been very silent until recently.

It now appears that this silence was due to intense analysis and planning behind locked doors, with the Council making a thoroughly decisive move to turn recent tragedies to a positive end.

The ‘500’ have almost wholly moved to sector J8 to begin construction of a new, permanent settlement. They have been joined by dozens from the Bunker; some assisting as their spare time allows, whilst others have taken up on the Council’s offer and have left the Bunker permanently.

Cultivation of farmland was commenced immediately, with Science Councillor Belyakova’s ‘Rad Potato’ being given it’s first full production run.

It has been many months since the bunker’s population has been able to turn it’s mind to a positive endeavour, and the spirits of many seem to have lifted – those of the 500 especially so.

Rumours still circulate of criminal gangs active on the surface and below; it remains to be seen how the new Council will deal with this.

FEF activity has continued since the last month, with reports of soldiers conducting recces and patrols to support the new expansion and Crats smoothing the transition with the Free People, with whom ownership of sector J8 was agreed.

Whilst the threat of Bunker Fortitude still casts a shadow over the people, most are too busy to pay it much heed, and feel secured by the continued work and vigilance of the FEF.

This is Sophie Jones reporting from sector J8, now adopted by the people as ‘Hope Springs’. A name certainly reflective of the current mood.

AICE Transmission : Council Election Results

Compilation of results completed.

Anti-tamper checks completed.

Candidate statuses checked.

Results follow :

New Military division Council Member : James Hook

New Engineering Division Council Member : Vasili Komarov

New Medical Division Council Member : Kai Greenwood

New Administration Division Council Member : Elizabeth Moon

New Science Division Council Member : Lexi Belyakova

AICE thanks all participants for their efforts.

Council Member permissions will be enacted within 24 hours.

ASCII Opinion Poll

As we reach the voting stage, a Hub Poll reveals some interesting results. With the exception of Kristine Sivyer and Leigh Bradon, all candidates seem to be in with a chance of winning their respective seat. With around 90% turnout to the opinion poll, we’re expecting a close to 100% voting turnout for the actual vote.