Bringing Milsim level Laser Tag to your LARP

At the heart of Humanity Ascendant is the Laserwar laser tag system. This is a professional grade, fully integrated system with amazing customisability, making it adaptable to almost any LARP system utilising firearms.

And it’s available for hire for your LARP system or MilSim events.

Just some of the advantages of Milsim Laser tag over Airsoft, NERF or call’s based systems:

Accuracy and range – With the weapons fully usable over 200m range in broad daylight, and a visible hit system, your ranged combat is as realistic as it comes.

Fully tracked health, ammo and healing – the gear takes care of all of this, removing cheating, miscounting, calls and time freezes. Your players are fully in the action.

Customisability – The weapons and headbands can be modified on the fly to change damage, health, Rate of Fire, ammo, clips, regeneration and more. The medic / ammo boxes are also configurable to your requirements to give full heals, partial heals, limit charges etc.

Durability – the equipment is extremely durable, and quite easily utilised in a LARP environment using normal foam and latex weapons. And there’s no wires to snag.

Ease of operation – once set up, the system is incredibly easy to run and change to your requirements over the course of an event.

As part of the Hire service, we can be present throughout your event to train your refs in the use of the equipment and assist as required with programming etc.

The equipment is bought and owned by the operators of Humanity Ascendant, so you can be sure that we aren’t going anywhere. Should you choose us to support your LARP, we are here for the long run.

If you have any queries regarding the equipment, hire rates, or wish to arrange a demo of the equipment, please Email