Boiler Room

Level 41 AKA The Boiler Room

  • Primary bunker energy facility
  • Never intended for residency
  • Home to 154 citizens
  • 48 suspected felons

Find a space between the pipes and call it home.

If you live here it’s rarely by choice. For some it’s where they were born into families who moved down as space above dwindled along with prospects.

For others it’s where you hide. Security rarely ventures here and engineers will pay anyone willing and able to assist in their efforts to keep the bunker engines running.

The blackmarket is a way of life for many. Poverty and grime is for all.

Vent Duty


There aren’t many paying jobs in the basement so many take what they can get and that’t vent duty. Clear out what’s made it’s way in, fix whatever is broken and try not to get too contaminated whilst doing so.

Air purifier maintenance makes up the bulk of the work with teams of engineers or scientists called out on a regular basis to keep bunker air system in full flow.

Acids drip from aging pipes and walkways and toxic fumes eat away at equipment and those who carry it alike.



Several air refinery plants reach to the surface which over time has led to a number of common breaches by rodents, namely rats which, should they survive the mechanical gauntlet of the purifiers themselves have been known to grow to a little under 1m in length.

They pose a moderate threat to bunker personnel working the vents but the larger danger is to the general  infrastructure and the purifiers themselves.


23 years ago everything changed with the catastrophic breach of the E52 refinery. The collapse of the refinery cap has left it without any shielding between it and the surface. Rarely does anything survive the fall with the exception of the vent pigs. These 150kg beasts possess incredible resilience and powers of recovery. For the most part they feed upon the rats to survive. What the rats feed upon, other than each other, is unknown.

Vent pigs pose a clear danger to teams working in their territory and have maimed or killed bunker personnel on many occasions.


The second highest cause of death for teams working in the vents is the A19 decontamination units. Sensory equipment for these units have been difficult to replace and a quirk in their processes means that upon detecting an error they automatically engage in a full reset. Unfortunately this reset includes a full burn purge.

Returning teams passing through these units have taken to being processed nervously one at a time rather than as a group. This has put extra strain on the units themselves.