The Witch

Good evening Scientists.

The Council has digested your finding and reports regarding the person / creature dubbed ‘The Witch’ and the information returned from the research facility.

We believe that she/it cannot be allowed to roam free, and should be captured or exterminated.

Capture is preferable, simply to ascertain answers.

The issue, of course, is finding her.

So we put it to the science department. We request that you put together a proposal to enable the tracking and apprehension of ‘The Witch’ in the next few weeks to allow for preparation and implementation prior to and during the next FEF operation.

Submit your proposals to your Council member as soon as you are able, please.

Council Ascendant

(OOC – this is the opportunity for you to put forward proposals for tracking The Witch, which we will then turn into downtime / uptime projects and missions for you leading up to and at Op5. please submit your proposals to by mid December to give us time to put you something together. Cheers all, Longy)

#Op4 – Council Statement

Following is a message broadcast to all Bunker Ascendant citizens, including the 500.

#Op4 – A Message from Council Ascendant

Once again, the Bunker has risen to a challenge, and once again we have found our inner strength and delivered success.

Our FEF teams have led the charge to secure a previously unknown facility from a new threat, Bunker Fortitude. This was no easy feat; facing an enemy with similar technology and training to our own proved very taxing for our teams, but yet again they were able to resist the threat and push back against it, delivering a debilitating blow to the enemy.

The Council is considering it’s options regarding Fortitude, but for now their troops should be considered enemy combatants.

The facility’s function is as a C7 mining facility. It cannot be understated how important a find this is for our survival, with the facility able to provide more than 30% of our overall power needs.

With this in mind, the Council has begun training a section of it’s internal security forces for surface operations. Within a matter of months we expect to deploy this new force to the Facility to offer much needed respite to our FEF teams, who are currently securing the Facility for the good of all Bunker citizens.

The Council thanks the FEF for their brave, efficient and well recompensed actions across the Operation, and hopes that this success can help comfort those affected by the previous blunders of the FEF Engineering department, whom have since shown a marked improvement in their field capabilities.

A Grisly discovery

Council Ascendant has just released a statement to all Bunker Ascendant Media Outlets:

“During a routine FEF patrol approximately 2 weeks ago, a grisly discovery was made approximately 2km southeast of Bunker Ascendant. The body of ex Chief Scientist and Council Member Davis Rhodes was found. His head had been cut off. Written on his forehead in his own blood was the word ‘JUSTICE’. Due to his status as a surface-released criminal, no formal investigation will take place as no crime in the eyes of Bunker law has taken place. However, the Council condemns this act utterly if it was, as suspected, perpetrated by a Bunker Ascendant citizen.”

Outspoken Bunker Radio presenter Benny Hoffer was quick to offer a response; “Good riddance, the fucker REALLY had that coming… and don’t forget to catch up on any of my shows you may have missed here

Silo Coolant Instructions

Hi Team

Assistant Ruprecht here. It’s an honour to be assisting you with your request. Bit of a problem getting you the materials you will need to top up those silos! GorphinTech 12T coolant, blast from the past! None of that left. We could produce some and have it for you next week but I’ve heard that just won’t do.

I think we have a work around though. I mean it should work. We’re sending you the following.

Coolant Liquid HR3 – this is virtually the same liquid as you’ll find in the silos.

Compound BA-43#3 – Better than FG-4453, this will raise the acidic levels quite nicely and most likely work with the system.

Compound BA-FFFFF – Just add about 10ml of this to each silo. Should help stabalise the whole thing. Be careful with this. Once the container is open this stuff can be a bit volatile, so small movements – we don’t want to be exploding things like the engineers now do we 😊 Don’t worry, once it’s mixed with the liquids and Compound BA-43#3 this is about as aggressive as a Level 12 side salad.

We’re just guessing but when you first remove the coolant container from the silos there will be a 30second period where trapped gasses will be released which will cause respiratory failure and probably a lot of coolant spillage whist you choke to death ☹. After 30 seconds you should be fine though, if you took the correct precautions😊

Our recommendation is to remove each of the containers and return them to your current base. Means you don’t have to run around with the boomy BA-FFFFF! Then you’ll need to test each and figure out how to get the coolant levels all correct (400ml) at the right pH (6) with 10ml of BA-FFFFF mixed in. Then you are good to go refit the containers. Simple.

Wish I was there, you’re all awesome!

For Science

Assistant Ruprecht

Fission Fuel Availability

With the advent of fission fuel powered weapons, the Council has agreed to release a very limited amount of Fission Fuel for sale to the FEF.

This is an unrestricted Engineering Item and costs 500 credits.

Note that this price will likely change between #Ops due to demand and supply.

At this time, Council permission is required for purchase. Your requirements, and justification for purchase, should be Emailed to

We are aware that your fuel may require further refining to suit your requirements.

(OOC the ‘litre’ of fuel may be refined to be a less amount of liquid. For all intents and purposes it is still a litre’s supply of fuel)

Richmond Hall
On behalf of Council Ascendant

#Op4 Medical Department Directives

Good afternoon, I hope you are all well.

That’s what we pay you for, right?

Not funny? Neither is your upcoming Op.

In Sector K10 there’s a facility that doesn’t come up on anyone’s radar. The Council have dug through maps, records and newspapers and found nothing.

So as it stands, we are heading into unknown territory to an unknown facility with an unknown purpose.

I don’t like this at all. When someone goes to so much trouble to keep something a secret, they’re usually doing something illegal or dangerous. Or both.

Keep your eyes and PADDS on maximum alert people. Whilst everyone else’s eye is on the prize, keep an eye on them and each other. We don’t need another outbreak on our hands or the needless loss of Personnel.

I’ve been pushing the Council for the Op to include a visiting assessment on our people on the surface, but this was voted down. If you do get any opportunity to look in on them, please do so. We all swore an oath after all.

We might not be the focus of the Op this time round, but when it all goes tits up they’ll come running to us. Make sure we’re ready.

Surgeon Lucas Price
Council Member

#Op 4 Science Dept Directives

Good afternoon colleagues,

Hopefully you have all now seen the briefing notes released by Minister Cohagen. I’m here to give you some further details and background information pertaining to your objectives.

Of prime importance to the Council is to understand the purpose of this discovered facility. Whilst the Engineering Dept will be focused on harnessing the C7 output, we must discover the Facility’s purpose.

If this is simply a C7 extraction facility, then our job will be easy. However, we expect that this will not be the case due to the fact that the facility cannot be located on any maps or historic records, including official government and military sources.

If this proves to be the case, the Science Department is to head up the investigation of the facility. Determine it’s purpose, assess the functionality and report on whether this function can benefit the Bunker beyond simple resource exploitation.

As well as this, in this time of relative safety (or certainly the absence of substantial threat) the department requires further study of the outside world. This study is pure open book ladies and gentlemen; anything that furthers our understanding of the new world above could help us survive it and thrive within it.

I will bring this to a close with a statement regarding our past department head, Davis Rhodes.

Whilst his actions will never be excused, his contribution to the survival of the bunker over many years of service was not ignored by the courts, and it was decreed that he would be released onto the surface with the other prisoners re: Dictate 23a. However, due to the amount of sensitive information he carries, he has been selectively mind wiped prior to release. Whilst Davis will understand his crimes, the details – and all other sensitive information – have been scrubbed by a specialist Nanite programme.

There lies a lesson here; that scientific achievement must always be balanced against what is morally right. I ask that you all think about this as you proceed into your next op.

This information has not been widely disclaimed; however, as the new head of department and your representative on the council, I thought you had a right to know – and learn from this fall from grace.

Chief Scientist Rory Anderson
Council Member