ASCII News interviews : James Hook

The hero the Bunker needs, or just the hero he sees in his dreams? You decide, with the latest in our series of candidate interviews.

  • Please tell us a little about yourself – your profession, your family, and life in the bunker prior to joining the FEF

It is well known that I was a security guard in the Bunker, indeed I still wear my security badges with pride. I collected medals for the security running team.  I was, and still am, known for an eye for contraband and I kept my block clean, there were no stabbings when I was in town. I made some time for my relationship with ‘Krisi’, Kristine Sivyer, but unfortunately we didn’t see eye to eye, I wanted to protect and serve the bunker facilitating rehabilitation of offenders for the betterment of all, but Krisi was determined to boost her personal career and joined the enforcers , who at the time were supposed to be the best of the best. We began to see less of each other and naturally drift apart but we thought we would give it one more go, and were on a break together when the Prison break happened. We rushed back and she was activated as an enforcer, and I wanting to do my bit volunteered into the FEF.

  • What prompted you to join the FEF?  Was it what you expected?  Why do you continue as a Freelancer?  What is your proudest moment?  Biggest regret?

As noted above the terrible events of the prison break led to me volunteering to the FEF, in our first mission we activated into the Dark and rain of the surface, the protocols we had for advancing under fire from the bunker training manuals, which were all well and good underground, proved useless in the cold light of day and the loss of Private Sellings that first morning really got to me, I was determined I would not lose another FEF on my watch.

Though other members of the FEF have been killed in action, Alfred, Leon, Kaleb I was not on the missions to see them pass, I still feel responsible was there more I could have done? It is this drive that has led me to organise the soldiers in the field jointly at a command level, and as veteran bringing the new recruits through I gain satisfaction from the likes of Theo, Pinner, Hawk, Payne and Tower becoming useful members and good leaders themselves.

My organisational skills are second to none and my eye for salvage is still as keen as ever I have facilitated the  honing of the military arm of the FEF as weapon to be used and as a shield. The relationships I have forged with the surface people and the 500 have meant I am able to bring a calm voice to an often turbulent situation.

  • Why have you decided to stand as a Council Member?

I am a simple man, but I can see what we need now is to caterpillar up, bring the bunker and the FEF together, the head shoots forward and the body follows, it is time now to heal rifts, build bridges and prepare for the next challenge, I see that challenge as bunker fortitude, we will face that better if our farmers are protected our allies ready to join us and the people back home ready willing and able to support our efforts for the betterment of all. The enforces as guardians of the last regime, are still an effective part of my plan and we need to  come together now, and if Krisi and I can work together then so can we all.

  • What will you bring to the role of council member?

It is well known if you want something organised in the FEF Hook will know how to get it done, this is not the same as hook does everything, indeed I will look to my friends and allies but if you want to pull it together Hook knows the strengths and weaknesses of the FEF the Bunker The Tribes, and of Hook himself, if something needs doing and Hook is not the best person for the job I know who is and am big enough to admit that.

  • You are no doubt aware of the recent information provided to our office casting doubt on yourself and your colleagues’ motivations.  In fact, some of the accusations could well warrant criminal investigations in my opinion.  What do you have to say?

If there needs to be an investigation I will co operate with it, However all I will be guilty of is protecting bunker citizens, upholding bunker law, my only regret is we were not properly advised of the timescales for the revolution that Sophie Jones started with her broadcast, she is daring woman, bold and forthright not afraid to say what needs to be said, I wish I’d known as we were dreadfully under supplied to fight against the enforces and the bunker if Ms Jones ploy failed, indeed had I known more I could have reached out sooner to minimise the ‘blue on blue’ bloodshed.

  • It could be said that, with the FEF programme only being activated by the rogue councillor Davis Rhodes, that the recent revelations are proof that the current FEF is a failure and has actually done more to damage the bunker and it’s inhabitants than help it.  Furthermore, a council comprised partly of fully of FEF members might only further this ‘road to ruin’.  How do you respond?

I think we all know now the FEF have delivered success upon success with the secrets of the previous council causing the bunker computer to act against them!

In regards to an entire FEF council? I am Hook, I am a Bunker ascendant citizen, you are Sophie Jones a bunker ascendant citizen there is no difference, just because we have different experiences we come from the same place we all want the same thing we are all bunker ascendant, if the FEF were wiped out tomorrow it would be necessary to activate further citizens, would they then lose their identity their very ascendentness? Where we come from matters not only what we do and who we are and I believe we are all bunker ascendant.

  • Taking into account all that you have said so far, here is your chance to talk policy.  What are your intentions over your 18 month term if elected?  How will Bunker Ascendant and it’s people benefit from these policies?  Do you believe that your policies will prevail in light of the current threats we face from without and within?

Simply consolidation, expansion, consolidation, expansion. We know the bunker has finite resources and we know the surface can provide for us and like the caterpillar we must allow the tail to keep pace to allow the head to spring forward, but we must not over extend ourselves. The first consolidation phase will include the harmonisation of FEF members, Raizes people, ordinary bunker citizens and even the enforcers. We all have a part to play we all have skills we can bring and we all have needs, there is a storm coming and the best time to fix the house is while the sun is shining, its not exactly shining now, there are dark clouds and we must be ready we must be whole, one goal, one vision, one mission. .