ASCII News interviews : Alexis Belyakova

This afternoon we bring you the last of the FEF interviewees, hopefully one that needs no introduction. Lovingly labelled ‘The Potato Girl” after an obscure pre-End anime character, Alexis has been striving to give us real chips and real opportunities on the surface.

  • Please tell us a little about yourself – your profession, your family, and life in the bunker prior to joining the FEF

My family has historically been engineers, from even before the ‘Event’ when they worked with the Russian oil pipelines, but was never for me. I find the organics far more interesting, and think that is opens up far more possibilities. My father was sad, especially when I went to join the 41st so that I could study the rats and sewer pigs that E.B. was battling in order to help keep the systems of the bunker moving smoothly. Do you know how big sewer pig nest is? Can cause very big blockages!

  • What prompted you to join the FEF?  Was it what you expected?  Why do you continue as a Freelancer?  What is your proudest moment?  Biggest regret?

The 41st as a whole decided that we wanted to get out of the sewers, and the opportunity to see if there were actually organisms surviving out on the surface was just too good an opportunity to give up. I continue because I am contributing to actually making the surface habitable for our people. My proudest moment thus far would be my work with Joe ‘Hotpot’ Oliver – we have managed to genetically engineer him so he is now less susceptible to radiation poisoning, thus making greater areas available to the bunker in order to provide enough food to support our population. Biggest regret is probably confusion over rad-bunny Oryctolagus maliqii. I did not ask for bunny, bunny was gift, and yes cost of bunny was high, this is shame, but bunny has potential to save many, many lives, and was integral in resistance to radiation research.

  • Why have you decided to stand as a Council Member?

I know I am a bit weird, but I also think that I am methodical and try to plan where possible. Think we in FEF and in Bunker over the last few years have been very reactionary. I think now we are at point where we are strong and far more aware of environment, and we should plan for how we want to progress. Science needs to be at forefront of pushing us forward, I think I could help plan that very well.

  • What will you bring to the role of council member?

I have seen it be said that I have ‘lack of patience when it comes to under-performing team members’. Maybe, true, but I am not bad person. I want for us to all be better and I want to try and drive us forward to getting back up onto surface and stable so that people can move here with choice not by accident and be confident of their survival.

  • You are no doubt aware of the recent information provided to our office casting doubt on yourself and your colleagues’ motivations.  In fact, some of the accusations could well warrant criminal investigations in my opinion.  What do you have to say?

It is irony that I was not here when information that you brought came to light as I was at ethics committee in bunker. If you talk about your more recent report on Quinn and Elizabeth murdering people so they can have place on council, then that is daft. Things go wrong sometimes. Experiments fail. It is not always malice at base of it.

  • It could be said that, with the FEF programme only being activated by the rogue councillor Davis Rhodes, that the recent revelations are proof that the current FEF is a failure and has actually done more to damage the bunker and it’s inhabitants than help it.  Furthermore, a council comprised partly of fully of FEF members might only further this ‘road to ruin’.  How do you respond?

Council may not be fully of FEF members, if that is not the will of everyone – this is joy of democracy. From all the evidence that I have seen, we did not necessarily have enough resources to support our way of life in Bunker for much longer. Stagnancy was going to cause many, many problems. We needed to bring in new resources. The FEF has been at the forefront of bringing in those resources. New information, brings new ideas, brings forth change and gives brilliance the chance to shine.

  • Taking into account all that you have said so far, here is your chance to talk policy.  What are your intentions over your 18 month term if elected?  How will Bunker Ascendant and it’s people benefit from these policies?  Do you believe that your policies will prevail in light of the current threats we face from without and within?

I want to solidify our potential to support the bunker, not just from our processed resources within our stocks and recycled nutrients, but from food sources out on the surface, allowing for population growth and allowing people less restrictions on their lives. I have been working on treatise of historic farming techniques which could be applied to our situation with Miss Pip Maliqui, I would love to empower other scientists to drive experiments into these forward. I aim to balance improvements to our people, our environment and our resources with those technical advances in armaments that are craved by others. I would like to work with some of best brains from all three scientific sectors in focus groups, because I want to show that we can do anything. I have stopped people from sickening horribly from radiation – these great ideas can be done. We can do it. I like to think I focus on fundamentals. Get bottom layer of pyramid correct and we can build it all huge again. Make these big ideas work.