ASCII Interviews : Leigh Bradon

Our science and medical reporter, Stephen Morinn, speaks with another election candidate standing for the Science position.

  • Please tell us a little about yourself – your profession, your family, and life in the bunker

My name is Leigh Bradon.  I’m married with 1 child, my son Simon.  My husband also works     in the labs with me, where our main roles are to monitor and improve air and water quality           through testing and implementing more effective filtration and processing techniques.

  • Why have you decided to stand as a Council Member?

During my time working under Councillor Rhodes, I became involved with the C7 mining operations being undertaken by the prisoners before the prison breaks in 2517.  These weren’t times I was proud of, but I worked hard to improve the conditions of the prisoners.  I should have made a moral stand.  I’m doing that now.

  • What will you bring to the role of council member?

Morality.  My prime concern is the wellbeing of our people and ensuring that the Bunker continues to provide everything we need.  As a council member I will ensure that the council acts with compassion and always puts the wellbeing of the Bunker inhabitants first.

  • You were involved heavily in the Davis Rhodes trial and gave a lot of evidence to ensure his conviction.  What was stopping you bringing this forward at the time it happened?

Fear.  I was worried for my family, my child.  Davis had a dark side, he was not one to cross.  I’m ashamed I didn’t do more earlier.  I want to atone for that.

  • The Potato Girl – what do you think of her?

              Sorry who?

  • Alexis Belyakova – your rival for the science council seat?

Oh.  She’s amazing.  The things she’s doing for us all – with the food and the like – as long as there’s no ulterior motive it’s exactly what we need.

  • Ulterior motive?

Well after my experiences with Davis, I’ve learnt that you need to look deeper.  Her membership of this foot clan for instance?  Does sound quite sinister, doesn’t it?  And are sewer pigs even real?  I mean c’mon…