ASCII Interviews : Francis Baker

Sophie wraps up the last of the Candidate interviews for the snap elections. We’ve seen vociferous campaigning from the FEF candidates, slur campaigns from unknown sources and rapidly shifting opinion polls making this anyone’s election.

We’ll see you soon, and don’t forget to vote on Monday!

  • Please tell us a little about yourself – your profession, your family, and life in the bunker

My name is Francis Baker.  My.. my family has been involved in the administration operations of the Bunker ever… ever since we came down here.  I take great pride in continuing that tradition.

  • Why have you decided to stand as a Council Member?

I… Erm think that in.. these times of danger.. and indecisiveness; what I mean is, there is lots that we need to… do… I think I will be able to assist the Council in the day to day.  The cogs, they have to turn, yes?

  • What will you bring to the role of council member?

I want to ensure that things run smoothly.  It’s been very inefficient around here recently.  I sh- 

Decisive decision making and an end to this half-half approach to everything we..we do.  We will strike out onto the surface, seize whatever we need to repair the Bunker and e-e-e-expand it’s area of influence.  I will see to it that the Free People Council is dissolved and Raze – or whomever remains in charge of the Free People – fully follows the will of Bunker Ascendant.

  • Well Mr Baker – that’s certainly a bold statement.  Do you think you are the man to lead this new approach?  Don’t you think it will cause unnecessary conflict?

I… Ummm… Yes there may be casualties.  But they a-are necessary.  We will lead this world, or be conquered by it.  It’s… it’s that simple.

  • OK.  How do you think the FEF will figure into that?

Erm…. I mean The FEF have done very well considering the lack of direction given to them by the council.  But stricter controls are need.  I would see….   I would see the FEF re-organised into a formal force through which all Citizens cycle.  We all need to learn to live on the surface and deal with it’s hard… hardships.  This force would take clear and direct orders from a unified council.