ASCII Interviews : Danny Simmons

Join Sophie as she speaks with another candidate;

  • Please tell us a little about yourself – your profession, your family, and life in the bunker

My name is Danny Simmons.  I’m a rank 4 Medic and specialise in trauma treatment especially burns and chemical / toxic injuries.  My family are very supportive of what is a difficult job that has me out at all hours.

  • Why have you decided to stand as a Council Member?

There’s a lot of things that could be improved in the Bunker.  I simply don’t believe that the resource scarcity is anything like what the old council said.  We see videos and reports of the FEF on the surface simply burning through nanite supplies on the surface – all that take valuable C7 and other materials to produce.

  • What will you bring to the role of council member?

I want to see the FEF function severely curtailed.  I know we can’t stop it altogether as it DOES perform a valuable role.  But their excesses are just that.  My first move would be to dial back on the reward structure and limit nanite supply to ensure that FEF operations only take place when critically important.

  • You haven’t said much about your family.  Can you tell us a little more?

Of course.  I’m an only child; my mother and father now both live on the surface, having been part of the evacuation after the terrorist attack.

  • What would you see happen with the 500?

With the resources saved on reigning in the FEF, I would channel them to repairing the Bunker and then getting our people back into their homes.

  • Your rival, Kai Greenwood, is a big advocate of the surface life and bringing all humans together – bunker inhabitant or surface dweller.  What is your take on this?

I applaud his strength of stance but think it is misguided.  Everything that has happened on the surface since the prison break has set us back and cot us lives or resources.  We need to get the Bunker back to fully operational, back off and reconsider our next move.  We can use the Free People to protect the surface for us; there’s a deal to be done.