What Now?

“We are the descendants of those that foresaw the end and took measures to protect themselves and their families. For 500 years the inhabitants of Bunker Ascendant have called it home.

The year is now 2517. The Council that govern the running of the bunker have finally given instruction to begin exploration of the surface. Readings show that, for the most part, radiation levels have subsided. It is expected that many dangers and horrors await us on the surface, so the council has decreed that the task will not be forced on anyone.

The Freelance Expeditionary Forces (FEFs) have risen to the tasks in hand. Consisting of our finest minds and battle drilled soldiers, these groups will lead us back to the surface and achieve the goals of the council. The reward? Adventure, fame and cold hard credits, a life outside the confines of the Bunker and it’s controlled environment.

What will you face on the Surface? Our Drones have revealed much. While most Fauna appears to have been wiped out by Radiation, the flora seems strangely unaffected. Many areas have been reclaimed by nature.

It seems that others have survived, too. Other bunkers seemingly exist, backed by the detection of pre-End technology being used. Other humanlike creatures have also been recorded, but there is little idea as to how and why they are there. Several drones have also been lost in bizarre circumstances, lending weight to the argument that many hazards exist due to the End.

Every answer that our Drones give us leads to a dozen questions. The FEFs will deliver these answers, and humanity will ascend to the surface once again. Our future is in your hands.”

Statement by The Council Ascendant.