The End

“The cycle of evolution has once again come full circle.


In a tide of self hatred humanity attempted self destruction, using its own science against itself. It mattered not who fired first; the wheels were set in motion. A lone salvo of missiles, once detected, was joined by hundreds more in a matter of minutes. All targets had been considered over decades of political and military manoeuvring by the leaders of the great nations; but the realisation was that 85% of the Earth’s landmass would be affected by the combined strikes of enemies and allies alike.

In the 26½ minutes between the launch detection and the first impact, the whole of humanity had time to question its own existence. Concepts of religion, Law, Good, Evil, Friends and Family all swept aside by one thought.


Of course, for those on the surface this was nigh impossible. Huddled in cellars, under tables, in hospitals, and even Bomb shelters, few survived. Those in the major cities were spared the pain. The effects of Nuclear Radiation were sickening and horrific, enough to squeeze the very soul from the living. There was only one certainty.


Of course, there were those of us that had seen the coming of the end. Those of us that had deciphered the puzzle and peered into the abyss; humanity had been manipulated. Puppets on a string. The Earth itself had brought about the end of this cycle. One more cataclysm, the ending of one creature’s rule and the ascendancy of another. We planned. We plotted. We waited. We had one gift that we wished to impart to the human race. One that it did not deserve.


Second chances are so hard to come by in this mortal existence. How will you use yours?”

From the writings of Lucas Ortavo, of The Order of Ascension.